4th SPARC General Assembly

Bologna, Italy

31 August - 5 September, 2008


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ORAL Presentations:

Sunday 31 August--Theme: Cross-cutting Issues

Monday 1 September--Theme: Stratosphere-Troposphere Dynamical Coupling

Tuesday 2 September--Theme: Extratropical UTLS

Wednesday 3 September--Theme: Detection and Attribution of Stratospheric Change

Thursday 4 September--Theme: Tropical Tropopause Layer

Friday 5 September--Theme: Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate


POSTER Presentations:

POSTER Session A :

POSTER Session B :

POSTER Session C :


ORAL Presentations:

Sunday 31 August
Theme: Cross-cutting Issues

14:30 Opening Lecture: Susan Solomon (invited) From the IPCC Assessment to Current Research and Back: An Overview of Key Findings and Issues in the Stratosphere and UTLS (00400)

16:00 Saroja Polavarapu (invited) Recent Advances in Stratospheric Data Assimilation (00070)

16:30 Ulrike Lohmann (invited) Cirrus Clouds and Ice Supersaturated Regions in Global Climate Models (00304)

17:00 John Burrows (invited) Observations of the Upper Atmosphere from Satellite Platforms: Sensing and Sensibility (00148)

17:30 Francesco Cairo (invited) The M55 Geophysica Deployment in West Africa: An Overview of Processes Governing TTL Composition over West Africa (00429)


Monday 1 September
Theme: Stratosphere-Troposphere Dynamical Coupling

09:15 David Thompson (invited) The Role of Tropospheric Dynamics in Stratosphere/Troposphere Coupling (00300)

09:45 Paul Kushner (invited) Stratospheric Control of Tropospheric Annular Mode Responses to Climate Change (00444)

10:45 Rolando Garcia Mechanisms for the Acceleration of the Brewer-Dobson Circulation in a Climate Change Scenario (00301)

11:00 Charles McLandress Diagnosing the Causes of the Climate-Change Induced Strengthening of the Brewer-Dobson Circulation (00178)

11:15 Marco Giorgetta Influence of the Mt Pinatubo Eruptions on the Dynamics of the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation (00010)

11:30 Richard Scott Influence Of the Stratospheric Potential Vorticity Distribution on the Brewer-Dobson Circulation (00074)

11:45 Edwin Gerber Stratosphere-Troposphere Dynamical Coupling and Tropospheric Predictability (00374)

15:30 SPARC Lecture: Tim Palmer (invited) Towards the Seamless Prediction of Weather and Climate (00080)

16:30 Kaoru Sato (invited) A Study of the Middle Atmosphere Dynamics Using a Gravity-Wave Resolving GCM (00025)

17:00 Katja Matthes Modeling the Impact of the Solar Cycle and the QBO in the Atmosphere: Time-Varying Vs. Fixed Solar Conditions (00325)

17:15 Adam Scaife Winter Weather and Stratosphere-Troposphere Coupling (00256)


Tuesday 2 September
Theme: Extratropical UTLS

09:15 Daniel Murphy (invited) Chemistry of Aerosol Particles in the Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere (00035)

09:45 Markus Rex (invited) Impact of Recent Laboratory Measurements of the Absorption Cross Section of ClOOCl on Our Understanding of Polar Ozone Chemistry (00179)

10:45 Michael Pitts Polar Stratospheric Cloud Composition Studies Using CALIPSO Lidar Data (00078)

11:00 Peter Spichtinger Internal Dynamics of Cirrus Clouds – A Source for Ice Supersaturation (00402)

11:15 Joan Alexander High Resolution Satellite View of Gravity Waves from Tropospheric Sources (00327)

11:30 Takeshi Horinouchi Spatial Structures of Mesoscale Gravity Waves Derived From COSMIC GPS Occultation Data (00412)

11.45 John Gille HIRDLS Observations of the 2-Way Exchange between the Tropical Upper Troposphere and the Extra-Tropical Lower Stratosphere (00382)

15:30 Thomas Birner (invited) The Tropopause Inversion Layer (00376)

16:00 Michaela Hegglin (invited) Toward A Global View of Extratropical UTLS Tracer Distributions (00171)

16:30 Michelle Santee Trace Gas Evolution in the Lowermost Stratosphere from Aura Microwave Limb Sounder Measurements: Subvortex Processing and Transport (00163)

16:45 Mijeong Park Transport Pathways in the Asian Monsoon Anticyclone Diagnosed From Spaceborne Measurements and Model Simulations (00290)

17:00 Bönisch Harald A New Approach for a Tracer Budget of the Extratropical Lower Stratosphere Using Simultaneous Measurements of SF6 and CO2 (00409)

17:15 Jose Rodriguez Observations and Modeling of Composition of UTLS: Isentropic Mixing Events and Morphology of HNO3 as Observed by HIRDLS and Comparison with Results from Global Modeling Initiative (00292)


Wednesday 3 September
Theme: Detection and Attribution of Stratospheric Change

09:15 Paul Newman (invited) Detection and Attribution of the Recovery of Polar Ozone (00356)

09:45 Neil Harris (invited) Understanding the Relation between V(PSC) and Arctic Ozone Loss (00289)

10:45 Lon Hood (invited) Effects of Solar Irradiance Variability and Particle Precipitation on the Stratosphere (00081), see also (00375)

11:15 Daggumati Narayana Rao Tropospheric Warming and Stratospheric Cooling Observed From GPS Radio Occultation Measurements (00234) 11:30 Mark Weber Internannual Variability in Chemistry and Transport and Its Possible Link to Climate Change: Stratospheric Ozone and Water Vapor (00058)

11:45 Joanna Haigh Trends and Influences on the Vertical Structure and Seasonal Evolution of the Antarctic Polar Vortex: The Apparent Downward Progression of Anomalies Does Not Imply an Unexplained Propagation (00154)

12:00 Ottmar Moehler The AQUAVIT Formal Intercomparison of Atmospheric Water Measurement Methods (00443)

12:15 Ted Shepherd SPARC – Quo Vadis? 15 Minutes on possible future developments in SPARC and the WCRP

*** Cora Randall Effects of Solar Variability on the Stratosphere (00375)
This talk was originally scheduled for presentation but Dr. Randall was not able to attend.


Thursday 4 September
Theme: Tropical Tropopause Layer

09:15 Leo Donner (invited) Current Perspectives on Deep Convection, Upper Troposphere, and Lower Stratosphere from General Circulation Models and Cloud-System-Resolving Models (00397)

09:45 Stephan Fueglistaler (invited) The Diabatic Heat Budget of the Upper Troposphere and Stratosphere In ECMWF Reanalyses (00242)

10:45 Daniel Grosvenor Stratospheric Moistening by Overshooting Deep Convection from Cloud Simulations: Towards a Global Estimate (00445)

11:00 Michael Volk Transport Across the Tropical Tropopause by Convection, Mixing, and Slow Upwelling: Insights from Recent In Situ Observations with the Geophysica Aircraft (00385)

11:15 Fumio Hasebe Cold Trap Dehydration in the TTL Characterized By SOWER Observations in the Tropical Pacific (00194)

11:30 Thomas Hanisco In Situ Observations of the Isotopic Composition of Vapor and Condensed Water in the Tropical Tropopause Layer (00408)

11:45 Björn-Martin Sinnhuber Observations of BrO in the Stratosphere and TTL from SCIAMACHY: Implications for the Transport of Very Short-Lived Source Gases Into The Stratosphere (00127)

15:30 SPARC Lecture: Thomas Koop (invited) Atmospheric Water Vapor, Aerosols, and Clouds: A Microphysical Perspective (00352)

16:30 Masatomo Fujiwara (invited) Observations of Ozone, Water Vapor, and Cirrus in the Tropical Tropopause Layer over the Pacific (00173)

17:00 Eric Jensen Ice Concentrations and Extinctions in Tropical Tropopause Layer Thin Cirrus (00329)

17:15 Panuganti Devara An Overview of Tropical Aerosol and Cloud Studies in the UTLS over India: Present Activities and Future Perspectives (00192)


Friday 5 September
Theme: Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate

09:00 Introduction by Veronika Eyring (Session Chair)

09:15 Mark Lawrence (invited) Effects of Deep Cumulus Convection on Atmospheric Chemistry (00225)

09:45 Kengo Sudo (invited) Changes in Tropospheric Chemistry and Their Impacts on Climate: Roles of Climate Change and the Stratosphere (00247)

10:45 Jessica Neu Tropospheric Ozone: The Role of Stratospheric Variability (00343)

11:00 Camilla Mathison Improving the Representation of Ozone in the UK Met Office Model (00014)

11:15 Lesley Gray The Role of Ozone in Future IPCC Simulations (00278)

11:30 Kleareti Tourpali Surface UV Simulations in the 21st Century (00438)

11:45 Claudia Timmreck Impact of the 1991 Mt Pinatubo Eruption on the Hydrological Cycle With Implications for Geoengineering (00128)

15:30 SPARC Lecture: Darryn Waugh (invited) Projections of Stratospheric Changes and Their Role in Climate (00065)

16:30 Thomas Reichler What Determines Tropical Tropopause Parameters? A Modelling Study of Past and Future Trends with the AMTRAC Coupled Chemistry Climate Model (00372)

16:45 John Scinocca The Sensitivity of Polar Ozone Recovery to Catastrophic Sea-Ice Loss In The Northern Hemisphere (00396)



POSTER Presentations:

Dynamical Coupling, Gravity Waves, Data Assimilation

Arnone Enrico [P1/Monday 13:00]
Triggering of Sudden Stratospheric Warming In a Stratosphere-Mesosphere Model by Impulsive Regional Ozone Perturbations (00322)

Baier Frank [P2/Monday 17:30]
The PROMOTE 3D Ozone Record Service: Overview and First Evaluation of Strato-spheric Ozone Reanalyzes Based On Satellite Observations between 1992 and 2004 (00294)

Baldwin Mark [P3/Monday 13:00]
Stratosphere-Troposphere Coupling In DynVar and CCMVal Models (00326)

Bates J. Ray [P4/Monday 17:30]
Stratosphere-Troposphere Dynamical Coupling: The Role of Analytical Studies in the Development of Our Understanding (00097)

Bell Chris [P5/Monday 13:00]
Stratospheric Communication of the ENSO Teleconnection to Europe (00286)

Bencherif Hassan [P6/Monday 17:30]
Investigation of Temperature Trends and Gravity Wave Characteristics from LIDAR Profiles Recorded at Reunion Island (20.8°S, 55.5°E) from 1994 to 2007 (00243)

Birner Thomas [P7/Monday 13:00]
Sudden Stratospheric Warmings as Noise-Induced Transitions (00378)

Bittner Michael [P8/Monday 17:30]
The World Data Center for Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere (WDC-RSAT) (00245)

Bushell Andrew [P9/Monday 13:00]
Impacts upon the Evolution of the Met Office NWP and Climate Middle Atmosphere GCM due to Recent Improvements to Modelled Radiation and Ozone Interactions (00337)

Cagnazzo Chiara [P10/Monday 17:30]
Impact of Modeling the Stratosphere on the Winter Tropospheric Teleconnections between ENSO and the Northern Atlantic and European Region (00092)

Calvo Natalia [P11/Monday 13:00]
Transient Changes in the Brewer-Dobson Circulation Associated With ENSO (00299)

Castanheira José [P12/Monday 17:30]
Changes on Barotropic Planetary Waves Associated with Changes in the Northern Hemisphere Stratospheric Polar Vortex (00360)

Chan Cegeon [P13/Monday 13:00]
The Tropospheric Response to Stratospheric Perturbations and Its Sensitivities to Topographically-Forced Stationary Waves (00357)

Chane Ming Fabrice [P14/Monday 17:30]
Analysis of Gravity-Waves Produced By Intense Tropical Cyclones (00013)

Charlton-Perez Andrew [P15/Monday 13:00]
Changes to Sudden Stratospheric Warmings in Future Climates (00096)

Charlton-Perez Andrew [P16/Monday 17:30]
What Controls Dynamical Timescales near the Tropopause? (00098)

Chen Gang [P17/Monday 13:00]
The Tropospheric Jet Response to Prescribed Zonal Forcing in an Idealized Atmos-pheric Model (00165)

Chen Wen [P18/Monday 17:30]
Relationship between Stationary Planetary Wave Activity and the East Asian Winter Monsoon (00111)

Chen Yuejuan [P19/Monday 13:00]
The Anomalies of Polar Vortex before the Serious Snow Storm and Freeze Calamity in China 2008 (00086)

Chen Zeyu [P20/Monday 17:30]
Estimation and Attribution of the Temperature Variances in the Stratosphere

Choi Hyun-Joo [P21/Monday 13:00]
Factors to Determine Wave-Propagation Direction of Convective Gravity Waves: Application to a GWD Parameterization (00227)

Christiansen Bo [P22/Monday 17:30]
The Contribution from the Stratosphere to the Skill of a Dynamical Seasonal Predic-tion System (00236)

Claud Chantal [P23/Monday 13:00]
On Associations between the QBO, the 11-Year Solar Cycle and the Indian Summer Monsoon (00421)

Cooper Fenwick [P24/Monday 17:30]
The Response of Tropospheric Climate to Weak Perturbations, Including Strato-spheric Perturbations (00205)

Corti Susanna [P25/Monday 13:00]
Large Scale Circulation Regimes: Troposphere-Stratosphere Connections (00332)

Coy Lawrence [P26/Monday 17:30] The 360 K Potential Temperature Surface: A New Diagnostic for Stratospheric Prediction (00047)

Cui Xuefeng [P27/Monday 13:00]
The Influences of the Great Volcanic Eruptions and the Variations of Sea Surface Temperature on the Northern Stratospheric Polar Vortex (00198)

Das Siddarth Shankar [P28/Monday 17:30]
Characteristics of Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability Observed Using UHF/VHF Radars (00007)

de la Torre Alejandro [P29/Monday 13:00] A Gravity Wave Analysis in Mendoza (Argentina), As Detected From GPS Radio Occultation Data and Mesoscale Numerical Simulation (00303)

de la Torre Alejandro [P30/Monday 17:30]
Seasonal Analysis of Gravity Waves over the Southern Andes and the Antarctic Pen-insula by Means of GPS Radio Occultations (00306)

Deckert Rudolf [P31/Monday 13:00]
Higher Tropical SSTs Strengthen the Tropical Upwelling via Deep Convection (00115)

Dutta Gopa [P32/Monday 17:30]
VHF Radar Observations of Gravity Waves Generated By Convective Storms (00246)

Ern Manfred [P33/Monday 13:00]
Gravity Waves Resolved In ECMWF and Measured by Current and Future Satellite Instruments (00133)

Errera Quentin [P34/Monday 17:30]
Overview of Stratospheric Analyses Produced by the Belgian Assimilation System for Chemical Observations (BASCO) In the Framework of GSE-PROMOTE (00123)

Evan Stephanie [P35/Monday 13:00] Intermediate-Scale Tropical Inertia Gravity Waves Observed During TWP-ICE Campaign (00371)

Farahani Ellie [P36/Monday 17:30]
The Structure and Evolution of the Polar Stratosphere and Mesosphere during IPY - Early Results from SPARC-IPY (00440)

Fletcher Christopher [P37/Monday 13:00] Stratospheric Influence on the Extratropical Circulation Response to Surface Forcing in High-Top and Low-Top Models (00156)

Geller Marvin [P38/Monday 17:30] Gravity Wave Analyses from Temperature, Wind, and Ascent Rates in US High Vertical-Resolution Radiosonde Data (00042)

Giorgetta Marco [P39/Monday 13:00] Circulation Changes in Climate Models Related to the Representation of the Stratosphere (00196)

Gozzini Bernardo [P40/Monday 17:30]
Climate Change Impacts On Stratosphere-Troposphere Coupling (00144)

Grise Kevin [P41/Monday 13:00]
On The Role of Stratospheric Longwave Radiative Fluxes in Stratosphere-Troposphere Coupling (00101)

Grunow Katja [P42/Monday 17:30]
Climate Change and Arctic Winters: A Dynamical Feedback Mechanism? (00434)

Gruzdev Aleksandr [P43/Monday 13:00]
Statistical Relation between the Quasi-Decadal and Quasi-Biennial Variations in the Equatorial Stratosphere and Similar Variations in Solar Activity (00204)

Halenka Tomáš [P44/Monday 17:30] On The Relations between Stratospheric Circulation and Heliogeophysical Parameters (00388)

Hardiman Steven [P45/Monday 13:00]
The Effects of Eurasian Snow Cover in General Circulation Models (00017)

Hertzog Albert [P46/Monday 17:30]
Tuning the Orographic and Non-Orographic Gravity Wave Drag Schemes with the Vorcore Long-Duration Balloon Observations (00262)

Hertzog Albert [P47/Monday 13:00]
Mesoscale Simulations of Gravity Waves Observed During VORCORE (00263)

Hertzog Albert [P48/Monday 17:30] A Case Study of an Orographic Gravity Wave above the Antarctic Peninsula (00265)

Hocke Klemens [P49/Monday 13:00]
QBO in Solar Wind Variability and Its Relation to ENSO (00077)

Hooghoudt Jan-Otto [P50/Monday 17:30]
Stratosphere-Troposphere Singular Vectors Studied In Terms Of Potential Vorticity (00422)

Ichimaru Tomoko [P51/Monday 13:00]
Predictability of Stratospheric Circulations during Recent Sudden Warming Events (00189)

Ineson Sarah [P52/Monday 17:30]
Influence of ENSO on European Climate via the Stratosphere (00284)

Inoue Makoto [P53/Monday 13:00] The Relationship between the Stratospheric Quasi-Biennial Oscillation (QBO) and Tropospheric Circulation from the Northern Hemisphere Summer to Winter (00180)

Kafando Petronille [P54/Monday 17:30]
Gravity Waves Induced by the West African Monsoon (00032)

Kawatani Yoshio [P55/Monday 13:00]
The Roles of 3-Dimensional Propagating Gravity Waves and Equatorial Trapped Waves on Driving the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation (00061)

Kawatani Yoshio [P56/Monday 17:30]
Global Distribution of Atmospheric Waves in the Equatorial Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere Region: AGCM Simulation of Source and Propagation (00122)

Khokhlov Valeriy [P58/Monday 13:00]
Effects of North Atlantic Oscillation on Spatiotemporal Variations of Total Ozone over Europe (00310)

Kim Junsu [P59/Monday 13:00]
Simulation of Stratospheric Intraseasonal Variability with the GFDL Climate Model and Sensitivity to Climate Change (00361)

Kim Junsu [P60/Monday 17:30]
A Possible Mechanism for the Tropospheric Response to Stratospheric Forcing (00384)

Kim Young-Ha [P61/Monday 13:00]
A Numerical Study on Secondary Waves Forced by Breaking of Convective Gravity Waves (00226)

Kodera Kunihiko [P62/Monday 17:30]
Intercontinental Tropospheric Teleconnection by Planetary Wave Reflection in the Stratosphere (00169)

Kumar Kondapalli Niranjan [P63/Monday 13:00]
Characteristics of Inertia-Gravity Waves over Gadanki during the Passage of Deep Depression over the Bay of Bengal (00060)

Kuroda Yuhji [P64/Monday 17:30]
Role of Solar Activity in the Troposphere-Stratosphere Coupling in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere Winters (00095)

Lahoz William [P65/Monday 13:00]
Data Assimilation: A Tool for Climate-Chemistry Studies (00151)

Long David [P66/Monday 17:30]
Validation of Mesospheric Analyses (00449)

Mahmood Sana [P67/Monday 13:00]
A Study of the 2008 Stratospheric Sudden Warming in the Northern Hemisphere (00034)

Makarova Liudmila [P68/Monday 17:30] Influence of the Space Weather and Conductivity of the Ground-Surface on Thermal Regime of the Stratosphere (00002)

Manzini Elisa [P69/Monday 13:00] The Separate Influence of Recent Climate Change on Stratospheric Variability: Results from a Transient Simulation with a Middle Atmosphere Model (00053)

Marshall Andrew [P70/Monday 17:30] Impact of Stratospheric Resolution on Seasonal Forecast Skill for Europe (00316)

Matthewman Joss [P71/Monday 13:00] A Vortex Dynamics Perspective on Stratospheric Sudden Warmings: Observed Structure and Variability (00139)

Metzner Doreen [P72/Monday 17:30] The Role of Stratospheric Resolution for Simulating ENSO Wintertime Teleconnections in Northern Extra-Tropics (00069)

Mohanakumar Kesavapillai [P73/Monday 13:00] Stratospheric Variability - Before and After the mid-1970s Climate Shift (00181)

Mohanakumar Kesavapillai [P74/Monday 17:30] Linkage between Stratospheric QBO and Tropospheric Biennial Oscillation in the Tropical Monsoon Regions (00183)

Mukougawa Hitoshi [P75/Monday 13:00] Influence of Stratospheric Circulation on the Predictability of the Tropospheric Northern Annular Mode (00088)

Nath Debashis [P76/Monday 17:30] Inertia-Gravity Wave Characteristics Observed Over a Tropical Station Using Inten-sive GPS Radiosonde Soundings (00112)

Nezlin Yulia [P77/Monday 13:00] Impact of Tropospheric and Stratospheric Data Assimilation on the Mesospheric Prediction (00072)

Nishii Kazuaki [P78/Monday 17:30] Modulations of Planetary Waves by Upward-Propagating Rossby Wave Packets Prior to a Stratospheric Sudden Warming Event: Observations and Ensemble Forecasts (00113)

Nurhayati Nunun [P79/Monday 13:00] The Possibility Of The Wind Profiling Radar (WPR) On Study Effects Of Gravity Waves On A Corrugated Structure Of Reflection Surface (00403)

Oatley Clare [P80/Monday 17:30] Use of an Adjoint Technique to Analyse the Dynamics of Vortex Splitting in the SH Stratosphere during 2002 (00207)

Orsolini Yvan [P81/Monday 13:00] Tropospheric Precursors to a Cold Polar Stratosphere and a High PSC Volume (00271)

Osprey Scott [P82/Monday 17:30] High-Frequency Variability in the Stratosphere Resolving Metum L60 and a Comparison with HIRDLS-Aura (00334)

Preusse Peter [P83/Monday 13:00] Global Ray Tracing Simulations of the SABER Gravity Wave Climatology (00141)

Pulido Manuel [P84/Monday 17:30] Determining Optimal Parameters for Gravity Wave Drag Schemes Using Data As-similation Techniques: Twin Experiments (00167)

Reichler Thomas [P85/Monday 13:00] Stratospheric Role for the Widening of the General Circulation (00373)

Ren Rongcai [P86/Monday 17:30] Downward Propagation of Circulation Anomalies and the Out-Of-Phase Relationships of Temperature Anomalies between the Stratosphere and the Troposphere (00089)

Ren Shuzhan [P87/Monday 13:00] The Constraint of Data Assimilation in the Stratosphere and Troposphere on Meso-spheric Motions (00102)

Reszka Mateusz [P88/Monday 17:30] Data Assimilation Experiments with New Covariance Models at Environment Canada (00162)

Rodas Claudio [P89/Monday 13:00] The Dissipation of Transience Gravity Waves Propagating in a Shear Flow (00105)

Schmidt Torsten [P90/Monday 17:30] A Global Analysis of Gravity Wave Activity in the Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere Region Derived From GPS Radio Occultation Data (00152)

Sekiyama Thomas [P91/Monday 13:00]
Assimilation of Total Ozone Using a Local Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter (00405)

Sharma Som [P92/Monday 17:30] Rayleigh Lidar Observed Stratospheric Sudden Warming (SSW) At Mount Abu: An Evidence of Interaction between Planetary Wave and Stratospheric Circulation (00272)

Shaw Tiffany [P93/Monday 13:00] Spurious Sensitivity of a General Circulation Model to Model Lid Height due to Nonconservation of Angular Momentum (00083)

Shirochkov Alexander [P94/Monday 17:30] The Big-Scale Climatic Anomalies in the Antarctica and Their Possible Connection with Precipitation of Energetic Electrons from Outer Belt into the Stratosphere above These Regions (00004)

Sigmond Michael [P95/Monday 13:00] The Impact of the Stratosphere on Tropospheric Climate Change (00363)

Sigmond Michael [P96/Monday 17:30] The Sensitivity of Modeled Climate Change to Orographic Gravity Wave Drag (00367)

Simpson Isla [P97/Monday 13:00] Solar Influence on Tropospheric Circulation via the Stratosphere (00153)

Smy Louise [P98/Monday 17:30] Influence of Stratospheric Potential Vorticity on Baroclinic Lifecycles (00052)

Sofieva Viktoria [P99/Monday 13:00] Quantifying Gravity Waves and Turbulence in the Stratosphere Using Satellite Stellar Scintillation Measurements (00244)

Sofieva Viktoria [P100/Monday 17:30] On Variability Of Temperature Profiles In The Stratosphere: Implications For Validation (00248)

Sparrow Sarah [P101/Monday 13:00] Modes of Annular Variability in the Atmosphere and Eddy-Zonal Flow Interactions (00230)

Suvorova Ekaterina [P102/Monday 17.30] Climatic Variability of the Stratospheric Dynamics: Results of Simulation and Data Analysis (00176)

Taguchi Masakazu [P103/Monday 13:00] Is There A Statistical Connection Between Stratospheric Sudden Warming And Tro-pospheric Blocking Events? (00037)

Thomas Manu Anna [P104/Monday 17.30] Simulation Of The Dynamical Response After Volcanic Eruptions- The Challenge Remains! (00206)

Tsuda Toshitaka [P57/Monday 13:00] Characteristics of Atmospheric Waves in the Stratosphere Revealed by GPS Radio Occultation (RO) Temperature Data (00033)

Wang Lei [P105/Monday 13:00] Stationary Wave Response to Climate Change (00208)

Wang Lin [P106/Monday 17.30] A Change of the Wintertime Ural Blocking Circulation Around 1976/77 and Its Rela-tionship with East Asian Winter Climate (00036)

Wang Ling [P107/Monday 13:00] Observation of Stratospheric Sudden Warmings and Gravity Wave Activity during the Northern Winter of 2007/2008 from COSMIC/CHAMP GPS Radio Occultation Profiles (00015)

Watanabe Shingo [P108/Monday 17.30] General Aspects of a T213L256 Middle Atmosphere General Circulation Model (00209)

Winter Barbara [P109/Monday 13:00] Stratospheric Response to Latitudinally Varied Surface Warming (00168)

Woollings Tim [P110/Monday 17.30] Stratospheric Involvement in Blocking (00158)

Yan Xiuping [P111/Monday 13:00] Global Observation of Gravity Waves Using HIRDLS Temperature Measurements (00200)

Yoden Shigeo [P112/Monday 17.30] An Idealized-Model Experiment on the Remote Influence of Interannual Variations in the Tropics to the Winter Polar Vortex (00197)

Yudin Valery [P113/Monday 13:00] Scale-Dependent Assimilation Schemes for Multi-Instrumental Constituent Observations: Forecast and Analysis of Vertical Ozone Structures in the UTLS (00369)

Zyulyaeva Yulia [P114/Monday 17.30] Analysis of Three - Dimensional Elliassen-Palm Fluxes in the Lower Stratosphere (00094)



Extratropics, Detection and Attribution, Variability and Climate Change, Water Vapour

Abraham Nathan Luke [P1/Tuesday 13.00] Ozone Flux across the Dynamical Tropopause: Does the PV Value Matter? (00288)

Anderson John [P2/Tuesday 17.30] Introduction to the Halogen Occultation Experiment 4th Public Data Release (00346)

Arnone Enrico [P3/Tuesday 13.00] The MIPAS2D: 2-D Analysis of MIPAS Observations of ESA Target Molecules and Minor Species (00279)

Austin John [P4/Tuesday 17.30] The Advance of Ozone Recovery due to Climate Change (00041)

Baray Jean-Luc [P5/Tuesday 13.00] Stratosphere-Troposphere Exchange Study in the Southern Subtropics Using Experimental Data, Trajectory and Reverse Domain Filling Calculations (00131)

Bingen Christine [P6/Tuesday 17.30] The Model for Stratospheric Aerosol (MOSTRA): Some Results (00140)

Bönisch Harald [P7/Tuesday 13.00] First Results of a Model Evaluation Based on a Tracer Budget of the Extratropical Lower Stratosphere Applied on Simulated and Measured SF6 and CO2 (00452)

Borsche Michael [P8/Tuesday 17.30] GPS Radio Occultation Climatologies Retrieved With High-Altitude Initialization by ECMWF Forecasts for the Creation of a Continuous Climate Record (00432)

Bozem Heiko [P9/Tuesday 13.00] The Influence of Deep Convection on HCHO, H2O2 and Organic Peroxides in the: Upper Troposphere over Europe (00232)

Braesicke Peter [P10/Tuesday 17.30] Zonal Asymmetries in Age-Of-Air and Their Relevance for Transport into the Sub-Tropical Lowermost Stratosphere (00321)

Butler Amy [P11/Tuesday 13.00] Spatial Structures in Lower-Stratospheric Temperature Trends (00160)

Casiccia Claudio [P12/Tuesday 17.30] Stratospheric Ozone in the American South Cone and Antarctic Ozone Hole 1992-2007 (00048)

Chipperfield Martyn [P13/Tuesday 13.00] Recent Modelling Studies Using Different Laboratory Data for ClOOCl Photolysis and Other Halogen Reactions (00425)

Choi Hyesun [P14/Tuesday 17.30] Zonal Asymmetries in the Dynamic Fields and the Tracer Distributions in the Equatorial Mid-Stratosphere (00120)

Clémer Katrijn [P15/Tuesday 13.00] Intercomparison of Integrated Water Vapour Measurements from Radiosonde, Sun-photometer, FTIR, and GPS Instruments (00406)

David Christine [P16/Tuesday 17.30] Polar Stratospheric Clouds Formation and Evolution in Antarctica by Applying the ″MATCH″ Method to Lidar Investigations within the International Polar Year

De Wachter Evelyn [P17/Tuesday 13.00] Stratospheric Water Vapour Profiles over Seoul, S-Korea (00147)

Dikty Sebastian [P18/Tuesday 17.30] Variations in SCIAMACHY and SABER Ozone Data on Small Time Scales Induced by Solar Radiation Variations (00389)

Fioletov Vitali [P19/Tuesday 13.00] Estimating 27-Day and 11-Year Solar Cycle Variations in Tropical Upper Stratospheric Ozone (00259)

Fiorucci Irene [P20/Tuesday 17.30] Millimeter-Wave Measurements of Stratospheric O3 and N2O from the High-Altitude Station of Testa Grigia (Italy; 45.9°N, 7.7°E, 3500 m A.S.L.) (00269)

Flury Thomas [P21/Tuesday 13.00] Response of the Mesosphere and Its Water Vapor Content to the Sudden Stratospheric Warming in February 2008 (00093)

Fueglistaler Stephan [P22/Tuesday 17.30] Trends and Variability of Midlatitude Stratospheric Water Vapour Deduced from the Re-Evaluated Boulder Balloon Series (00394)

Funatsu Beatriz [P23/Tuesday 13.00] Lidar Monitoring of Stratospheric Temperature: Impact of Spatial and Temporal Sam-pling (00420)

Gille John [P24/Tuesday 17.30] HIRDLS Observations of Upper Tropospheric and Stratospheric Water Vapor (00379)

Gimeno Luis [P25/Tuesday 13.00] Multiple Tropopause Events: Climatological Features and Analysis of the Relationship of Their Occurrence with Cut-Off Low Systems (00313)

Gruzdev Aleksandr [P26/Tuesday 17.30] Observed Trends in Stratospheric NO2 (00202)

Haefele Alexander [P27/Tuesday 13.00] Evaluation of Available Data Sets of Stratospheric Water Vapor from Ground Based Microwave Radiometers (00224)

Harris Neil [P28/Tuesday 17.30] SPARC Initiative on Recent Laboratory and Theoretical Studies on the ClOOCl Photolysis and Other Halogen Reactions (00266)

Hassler Birgit [P29/Tuesday 13.00] A Comparison of Trends in the Vertical Distribution of Ozone in True and Equivalent Latitude Coordinates: Implications for Radiative Forcing at Polar Latitudes (00119)

Hinssen Yvonne [P30/Tuesday 17.30] How is the Potential Vorticity Distribution in the Stratosphere Established? (00136)

Hocke Klemens [P31/Tuesday 13.00] Linear Trend and Solar Cycle in Stratospheric Ozone Profiles Observed by the GROMOS Microwave Radiometer in Switzerland (00413)

Hood Lon [P32/Tuesday 17.30] Effects of EPP-NOx and Solar UV Variations on Ozone in the Polar Stratosphere: Correlative Studies Using UARS HALOE and SBUV(/2) Data (00082)

Hoor Peter [P33/Tuesday 13.00] Trace Gas Observations and Their Relation to the Tropopause Definition (00417)

Immler Franz [P34/Tuesday 17.30] The GCOS Reference Upper-Air Network (GRUAN): Rationale, Progress, and Plans (00291)

Jackson David [P35/Tuesday 13.00] Arctic Ozone Loss Inferred From Assimilation of EOS MLS and SBUV/2 Observations (00027)

Jégou Fabrice [P36/Tuesday 17.30] Evaluation of the LMDz-INCA Chemistry-Climate Model in the Extratropical Tropopause Region (00344)

Jonsson Andreas [P37/Tuesday 13.00] On the Radiative Forcing of Global-Mean Temperature Trends in the Middle Atmosphere (00324)

Kahn Brian [P38/Tuesday 17.30] Ice Cloud and Humidity Distributions Observed by the A-Train (00104)

Karathazhiyath Satheesan [P39/Tuesday 13.00] A Study of the Transport of Ozone into the Surface over Antarctica (00195)

Karpechko Alexey [P40/Tuesday 17.30] Stratosphere-Troposphere Coupling and Trends in the Southern Hemisphere Tropospheric Circulation in CMIP3 (Models) (00184)

Kawa Randy [P41/Tuesday 13.00] Sensitivity of Polar Stratospheric Ozone Loss to Uncertainties in Chemical Reaction Kinetics (00365)

Khosrawi Farahnaz [P42/Tuesday 17.30] Monthly Averages of N2O and O3 Derived from Satellite Observations: A Method for the Evaluation of Atmospheric Chemical Models in the Lower Stratosphere (00126)

Kinnison Douglas [P43/Tuesday 13.00] Evaluation of the Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model Distributions of Chemical Constituents and Mixing Processes in the Extratropical UTLS (00353)

Kivi Rigel [P44/Tuesday 17.30] Stratospheric Water Vapor as Observed by Balloon Borne Instruments in the Arctic (00185)

Krämer Martina [P45/Tuesday 13.00] On Cirrus Cloud Supersaturations and Ice Crystal Numbers (00145)

Kreher Karin [P46/Tuesday 17.30] Hemispheric Differences in NO2 (Trends) (00213)

Krueger Kirstin [P47/Tuesday 13.00] Studies of Stratopause Evolution Using Satellite Data and Meteorological Analyses: Stratospheric Sudden Warmings and Interannual/Interhemispheric Variability (00315)

Kyrölä Erkki [P48/Tuesday 17.30] GOMOS O3, NO2 and NO3 Measurements in 2002-2007 (00257)

Liberato Margarida [P49/Tuesday 13.00] On The Effect of Planetary Rossby Waves on Total Ozone from GOME (00368)

Lastovicka Jan [P50/Tuesday 17.30] Long-Term Trends in Ozone Laminae and Stratospheric Dynamics at Middle Latitudes in Relation to Upper Atmosphere Trends (00100)

Lee Huikyo [P51/Tuesday 13.00] A New Diagnostic for Evaluating Transport between the Tropical Upper Troposphere and Mid-Latitudes Lower Stratosphere in Chemistry-Transport Models (00450)

Liu Yi [P52/Tuesday 17.30] Behavior of Atmospheric Tracers during the 2003-04 SSW and Change of Ozone Flux in the UT/LS (00050)

Livesey Nathaniel [P53/Tuesday 13.00] Tropical Upper-Tropospheric Ozone Variability as Observed by the Aura Microwave Limb Sounder (00103)

Lossow Stefan [P54/Tuesday 17.30] Odin/SMR Measurements of Mesospheric Water Vapour (00229)

Lu Daren [P55/Tuesday 13.00] Seasonal Variation of Global Stratosphere-Troposphere Mass Exchange (00188)

Megner Linda [P56/Tuesday 17.30] Increased Amount of Meteoric Material in the Winter Stratosphere-Implications for Heterogeneous Nucleation (00054)

Milz Mathias [P57/Tuesday 13.00] UTH Measurements from Satellite-Borne Nadir Looking IR and MW Sensors: Possible Long Time Series with Complementary Instruments (00235)

Miyazaki Kazuyuki [P58/Tuesday 17.30] Analysis of Mean Downward Velocity around the Antarctic Polar Vortex (00218)

Miyazaki Kazuyuki [P59/Tuesday 13.00] Analysis of Extratropical UTLS Structure Using a High Vertical Resolution GCM (00252)

Möbius Tanja [P60/Tuesday 17.30] Does the Brewer-DMurtagh Donal [P61/Tuesday 13.00] Ozone Loss Rates Determined by the Use of Odin and AURA/MLS Data Assimilation (00297)

Nakamura Noboru [P62/Tuesday 17.30] Sensitivity of Global Mixing and Fluxes to Localized Transport Barriers (00275)

Nakamura Noboru [P63/Tuesday 13.00] Amplitudes of Rossby Waves Based on the Bjerknes Circulation (00283)

Nardi Bruno [P65/Tuesday 13.00] An Evaluation of the Capability of HIRDLS to Measure Thin Ozone Filaments during Tropopause Folding Events in the Extra-Tropical UTLS Using Co-Located Ozonesonde and Lidar In Situ Measurements (00377)

Newman Paul [P66/Tuesday 17.30] The World Avoided: What Would Have Happened to Ozone, Surface UV, and the Stratosphere if CFC Emissions Continued to Grow Without Regulation? (00355)

Nieto Raquel [P67/Tuesday 13.00] Identification and Climatology of Cut Offs Lows near the Tropopause from Two Different Kinds of Physical Approaches (00318)

Noel Vincent [P68/Tuesday 17.30] Optically Thick Wave-Induced PSCs over Antarctica from CALIOP, 2006-2007 (00416)

Osprey Scott [P69/Tuesday 13.00] On the Significance of Persistence Timescales in Geophysical Timeseries (00370)

Pan Laura [P70/Tuesday 17.30] Observational Studies of the Extratropical Tropopause and Associated Transport Diagnostics (00056)

Pastel Maud [P71/Tuesday 13.00] Trend Analysis of Tropical Stratospheric NO2 Columns (00155)

Pendlebury Diane [P72/Tuesday 17.30] Normal Mode Rossby Waves and Their Effects on Chemical Composition in the Late Summer Stratosphere (00193)

Peter Thomas [P73/Tuesday 13.00] A Novel Radiosonde Payload to Study Upper Tropospheric / Lower Stratospheric Aerosol and Clouds (00448)

Petitta Marcello [P74/Tuesday 17.30] Comparison of Lidar and Radio Occultation Temperature Profiles in Polar Regions (00241)obson Circulation Change? Three Decades of Mean Age of Air Data Derived From Stratospheric SF6 Measurements (00423)

Pisso Ignacio [P75/Tuesday 13.00] Quantification of Transport from Surface to UTLS and Calculation of Ozone Depletion Potentials for VSLS (00441)

Randel William [P76/Tuesday 17.30] Origin of a Climatological Ozone Minimum near 15 km during Arctic Summer (00059)

Ratnam Madineni Venkat [P77/Tuesday 13.00] Studies on Tropospheric and Lower Stratospheric (TLS) Structure and Dynamics Using GPS RO Technique (00020)

Reddmann Thomas [P78/Tuesday 17.30] Multiannual Simulations with the KASIMA-CTM and Comparison with Observations (00348)

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Repossi Patricia [P80/Tuesday 17.30] Atmospheric Disturbances Generated by ENSO Events in the South Hemisphere (00350)

Ribera Pedro [P81/Tuesday 13.00] Quasibiennial Modulation Of The Southern Hemisphere Tropopause (00311)

Roscoe Howard [P82/Tuesday 17.30] The Observed Trend In The Southern Annular Mode: Is It The Ozone Hole Or Is It Greenhouse Gases? (00018)

Sánchez Claudio [P83/Tuesday 13.00] Water Vapour Isotopes in the Stratosphere: Comparison between a 2D Model and Observations by ODIN/SMR (00022)

Santee Michelle [P84/Tuesday 17.30] Upper Troposphere/Lower Stratosphere (UTLS): Trace Gas Evolution in Recent Satellite Datasets: Relationships to the Subtropical Jet and Tropopause (00312)

Schiller Cornelius [P85/Tuesday 13.00] SPARC Water Vapour Initiative (00222)

Schmidt Torsten [P86/Tuesday 17.30] Trends in the Global Tropopause Estimated from GPS Radio Occultation Data (00150)

Sharma Som [P87/Tuesday 13.00] Lidar Study of Stratospheric Thermal Structure and Long Term Trends over a Sub-Tropical Station Mount Abu (24.5°N, 72.7°E) (00270)

Shiotani Masato [P88/Tuesday 17.30] Current Status of Superconducting Submillimeter-Wave Limb-Emission Sounder (SMILES) (00190)

Shuckburgh Emily [P89/Tuesday 13.00] Transport and Mixing in the Antarctic Vortex Edge Region (00177)

Sinnhuber Björn-Martin [P90/Tuesday 17.30] What Controls the Inter-Annual Variability of Arctic Ozone? (00125)

Son Seok-Woo [P91/Tuesday 13.00] The Effect of the Stratospheric Circulation on the Extratropical Tropopause Inversion Layer in a Relatively Simple GCM (00309)

Staten Paul [P92/Tuesday 17.30] Space-Born Detection of Long-Term Tropopause Trends (00019)

Stiller Gabriele [P93/Tuesday 13.00] Global Stratospheric Water Vapour Distributions from MIPAS/Envisat for the Period 2002 to 2008 (00090)

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Symington Angela [P95/Tuesday 13.00] The Heterogeneous Interactions of Halogenated and Non Halogenated Organic Molecules with Ice Surfaces at Temperatures of the Upper Troposphere (UT) (00249)

Tegtmeier Susann [P96/Tuesday 17.30] Seasonal Persistence of Northern Low and Middle Latitude Anomalies of Ozone and Other Trace Gases in the Stratosphere (00023)

Teitelbaum Hector [P97/Tuesday 13.00] Observation of a Tongue Pulled Out from the Antarctic Vortex Edge due to Barotropic Instability (00068)

Thomason Larry [P98/Tuesday 17.30] Consistency of Stratospheric Aerosol Measurements and Modeling: Results from ASAP and Beyond (00130)

Thompson Anne [P99/Tuesday 13.00] Ubiquity of the Stratospheric Influence in Mid-Latitude Tropospheric Ozone: Evidence from North American Ozonesondes (IONS, 2004-2008) (00274)

Tilmes Simone [P100/Tuesday 17.30] Toward An Aircraft In Situ Data Based Chemical Tracer Climatology for Model Evaluation in the UTLS Region (00354)

Tomikawa Yoshihiro [P101/Tuesday 13.00] Ozone Enhanced Layers in the Antarctic Ozone Hole (00075)

Urban Joachim [P102/Tuesday 17.30] Spatio-Temporal Variability of Middle Atmospheric Water Vapour as Observed by Odin (00317)

Van Delden Aarnout [P103/Tuesday 13.00] Thermal Inertia and Radiative Imbalance as Factors Determining the Stratospheric Temperature (00134)

Van Malderen Roeland [P104/Tuesday 17.30] Trend Analysis of the Radiosonde Relative Humidity Measurements at Uccle, Belgium (00118)

Volk C. Michael [P105/Tuesday 13.00] Isentropic Transport and Mixing Between the Tropical UTLS and the Extratropical Stratosphere as Observed by In-Situ Measurements of Long-Lived Trace Gases (00359)

Wohltmann Ingo [P106/Tuesday 17.30] An Update on Statistical Trend Analysis of Column Ozone from the CANDIDOZ Project: Influence of Dynamical and Chemical Processes (00039)

Wolfram Elian [P107/Tuesday 13.00] The UVO3 Patagonia Project (00212)

Yushkov Vladimir [P108/Tuesday 17.30] Water Vapour in the Polar and Tropical UT/LS from Balloon and Aircraft Observations with FLASH Lyman-Alpha Hygrometer (00307)

Zahn Andreas [P109/Tuesday 13.00] Properties of the Extra-Tropical Tropopause Transition Layer (Ex-TL) from High-Resolution O3, CO, H2O, Acetone, and Acetonitrile Observations Onboard the CARIBIC Passenger Aircraft (00410)

Zhou Renjun [P110/Tuesday 17.30] Aerosol Distribution Over the Qinghai-Xizang Plateau and Its Relationship with O3 (00117)

Zondlo Mark [P111/Tuesday 13.00] Vertical and Horizontal Extent of Supersaturated Regions near the Extra-Tropical Tropopause over North America (00439)



Tropics, Chemistry-Climate Coupling

Akiyoshi Hideharu [P1/Thursday 17.30] A CCM Simulation of the Change in Stratospheric Ozone, Temperature, Zonal-Wind, And Breakup Date of the Antarctic Polar Vortex in the Years 1980-2004 (00114)

Andreev Grigory [P2/Friday 13.00] Computational Study of OH Radical Uptake by Atmospheric Aerosol (00335)

Andreev Grigory [P3/Thursday 17.30] Theoretical Study of Ozone Interaction with Isoprene (00364)

Atlas Elliot [P4/Friday 13.00] Stratosphere-Troposphere Analyses of Regional Transport 2008 (START08) Experiment (00063)

Backman Leif [P5/Thursday 17.30] The Effect of Ozone Loss on the Antarctic Vortex - A Chemistry-Climate Model Study (00124)

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Baumgaertner Andreas [P7/Thursday 17.30] A Transient Simulation for 1960-2000 with the Chemistry Climate Model ECHAM5/Messy1: First Results on Solar Variability Effects (00331)

Berthet Gwenael [P8/Friday 13.00] Contribution to the Estimation of the Stratospheric Water Vapor Trend Using the ELHYSA Balloon-Borne Frost Point Hygrometer (00281)

Bonazzola Marine [P9/Thursday 17.30] GCM LMDZ Simulations of Transport in the Tropical Tropopause Layer (00398)

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Brühl Christoph [P13/Thursday 17.30] Transient Simulation from 1960 to the Present with the CCM: ECHAM5/Messy1 (with Focus on Stratospheric Water Vapor) (00338)

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Clain Gaëlle [P18/Friday 13.00] Ozone Climatology in the Southern Subtropics (00129)

Dameris Martin [P19/Thursday 17.30] Lagrangian Transport in the CCM E39C: Benefits for Stratospheric Dynamics and Chemistry (00121)

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Douglass Anne [P21/Thursday 17.30] Comparisons of Aura Observations in the Upper Troposphere/Lower Stratosphere with Simulated Constituent Fields (00323)

Eguchi Nawo [P22/Friday 13.00] Tropical Cirrus Clouds Variation during the Southern Stratospheric Sudden Warming In 2006 (And 2007) (00221)

Eriksson Patrick [P23/Thursday 17.30] The Water Budget of the Uppermost Tropical Troposphere (00404)

Fierli Federico [P24/Friday 13.00] Statistical Analysis of TTL Tracer Data (00341)

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Fueglistaler Stephan [P26/Friday 13.00] The Transport of Water through the Tropopause Studied From Its Isotopic Fractionation (00392)

Gabriel Axel [P27/Thursday 17.30] The Influence of Zonally Asymmetric Stratospheric Ozone on Temperature, Planetary Wave Propagation and Atmospheric Circulation (00138)

Gettelman Andrew [P28/Friday 13.00] Ice Supersaturation in the UTLS and Its Effect on Climate and Chemistry (00296)

Gettelman Andrew [P29/Thursday 17.30] Processes Regulating Short Lived Species in the Tropical Tropopause Layer (00298)

Halenka Tomáš [P30/Friday 13.00] High Resolution Modelling of Climate Change Impact on Atmospheric Chemistry in Troposphere (00328)

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Hermawan Eddy [P32/Friday 13.00] A Fine Structure of Atmospheric Static Stability near the Tropopause Over Kototabang, West Sumatera, Indonesia Based on the Equatorial Atmosphere Radar (EAR), the Boundary Layer Radar (BLR), and Radiosonde Data Analysis (00108)

Hermawan Eddy [P33/Thursday 17.30] Analysis of Relationship between Total Precipitable Water and Radar Reflectivity (00109)

Hitchcock Peter [P34/Friday 13.00] Conditions for Polar Stratospheric Cloud Formation in the Canadian Middle Atmosphere Model (00386)

Hossaini Ryan [P35/Thursday 17.30] The Transport of Bromine and Iodine to the Stratosphere: 3-D Modelling of Very Short-Lived Source Gas Degradation in the Upper Troposphere (00391)

Hoyle Christopher [P36/Friday 13.00] Modelling of Transport Processes In the Tropical Upper Troposphere and Lowermost Stratosphere (00320)

Huck Petra [P37/Thursday 17.30] Quantifying Key Sensitivities in the Interaction between Climate Change And Antarctic Ozone Depletion in Observations and CCMs (00211)

Immler Franz [P38/Friday 13.00] Equatorial Kelvin Waves and the Occurrence of Extremely Thin Ice Clouds At The Tropical Tropopause (00451)

Jain Atma [P39/Thursday 17.30] Extreme Low Tropopause Temperature and Tropical Mesoscale Convection Activity Over Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea: Implication for the Stratosphere-Troposphere Exchange (STE) (00001)

Jain Atma [P40/Friday 13.00] Observations of Extremely Low Tropopause Temperatures, During ARMEX Campaign Summer Monsoon Season, over the Arabian Sea Region (00399)

James Ronan [P41/Thursday 17.30] Dehydration Processes in the Indian Monsoon Anticyclone : Lagrangian Analysis and Sensitivity to Vertical Wind Fields (00340)

Kenzelmann Patricia [P42/Friday 13.00] Geo-Engineering Side Effects: Heating the Tropical Tropopause by Sedimenting Sulphur Aerosol? (00228)

Kiemle Christoph [P43/Thursday 17.30] Airborne Water Vapor Lidar Measurements in the Tropical Upper Troposphere During TROCCINOX and SCOUT-O3 (00428)

Konopka Paul [P44/Friday 13.00] Composition of Air and Its Seasonality within the TTL: Impact of Asian Monsoon (00051)

Kremser Stefanie [P45/Thursday 17.30] A Semi-Empirical Approach to Projecting the Recovery of the Antarctic Ozone Hole Using a Range of Emission Scenarios (00216)

Krueger Kirstin [P46/Friday 13.00] Interannual Variability of Residence Time in the TTL (00237)

Krueger Kirstin [P47/Thursday 17.30] SFB574: Modelling Climate Effects and Feedbacks of Past Central and South American Major Volcanic Eruptions (00240)

Krueger Kirstin [P48/Friday 13.00] Changes of the Brewer Dobson Circulation due to Major Volcanic Eruptions in Different ECHAM Simulations (00282)

Kubin Anne [P49/Thursday 17.30] Chemical-Dynamical Feedback of the 11-Year Solar Signal in a Chemistry-Climate Model Simulation (00258)

Kubokawa Hiroyasu [P50/Friday 13.00] Analysis of the Tropical Tropopause Layer Using the Global Nonhydrostatic Atmospheric Model (00026)

Kulkarni Padmavati [P51/Thursday 17.30] Lidar and SAGE II Comparison of Aerosol Characteristics over Gadanki, a Tropical Station in India (00087)

Kunze Markus [P52/Friday 13.00] Representation of the Asian Summer Monsoon Circulation in Chemistry Climate Models (00276)

Laube Johannes [P53/Thursday 17.30] The Impact of Very Short-Lived Organic Substances on Stratospheric Ozone Depletion – A Case Study (00414)

Lee Sukyoung [P54/Friday 13.00] EOF Analysis of Temperature Anomalies in the Tropics with Radiosonde Data from the SHADOZ Program (00280)

Legras Bernard [P55/Thursday 17.30] Age of Air and Heating Rates in the New ECMWF Reanalysis (00267)

Li Qian [P56/Friday 13.00] The Stratosphere-Troposphere Exchange of Hydrogen Cyanide over the Tropics: The Aura MLS Observations and Model Simulations (00199)

Liu Chuanxi [P57/Thursday 17.30] Dynamical and Photochemical Couplings in the Middle and Upper Stratosphere during the Remarkable 2003-04 Stratospheric Sudden Warming (00214)

Liu Yu [P58/Friday 13.00] An Intercomparison of Different Approaches to Calculating Trajectories in the Tropi-cal Tropopause Layer (00172)

Lott Francois [P59/Thursday 17.30] Equatorial Wave Packets in the LMDz Stratospheric Model and in the ERA40 Reanalysis (00260)

Madhu Vazhathottathil [P60/Friday 13.00] Intra-Seasonal Oscillations of Total Ozone over the Indian Region during the Dry Monsoon Year 2002 - A Study Based on Morlet Wavelet Analysis (00005)

Marchand Marion [P61/Thursday 17.30] Role of Chemistry in the Action of Solar Variability on Stratospheric Dynamics and Chemistry (00142)

Marinoni Angela [P62/Friday 13.00] Observations of Vertical Air Mass Exchange and New Particles Formation at Everest-Pyramid GAW Station (00436)

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Mehta Sanjay Kumar [P64/Friday 13.00] Longitudinal and Seasonal Characteristics of the Tropical Mean Lapse Rate and Tropopause Observed by High Resolution GPS RO and Radiosonde Data (00174)

Monge-Sanz Beatriz [P65/Thursday 17.30] Stratospheric Methane and Water Vapour Parameterisation for Global Models (00132)

Monge-Sanz Beatriz [P66/Friday 13.00] Stratospheric Transport in a CTM Driven By DAS and GCM Winds (00135)

Nurhayati Nunun [P67/Thursday 17.30] Propagation and the Vertical Structure of the Madden-Julian Oscillation over Kototabang, West Sumatera, Indonesia (0.2°S; 100.3°E), Especially during the: First CPEA-Campaign in 2004 (00264)

Ogaja Jack [P68/Friday 13.00] Amplifying Effect of Seasonal Ozone Fluctuations on Temperature Variability in the Near Tropical Tropopause at Selected Stations (00038)

Oman Luke [P69/Thursday 17.30] Explaining Differences in the Long-Term Changes in Tropical Upwelling and Stratospheric Mean Age among Chemistry-Climate Models (00210)

Palazzi Elisa [P70/Friday 13.00] Evaluation of the Capability of ECHAM-MESSY in the Tropical Tropopause Layer: Comparison with Aircraft Data (00161)

Pawson Steven [P71/Thursday 17.30] Performance of Versions 1, 2 and 3 of the GEOS CCM (00336)

Peter Thomas [P72/Friday 13.00] Unprecedented Evidence for Deep Convection Hydrating the Tropical Stratosphere (00186)

Pfister Leonhard [P73/Thursday 17.30] Simulations of Clouds and Water Vapor in the Tropical Tropopause Layer (00351)

Plummer David [P74/Friday 13.00] CMAM Projections of the Dynamical and Chemical Effects on Ozone through the 21st Century (00345)

Punge Heinz Jürgen [P75/Thursday 17.30] A Combined Eulerian-Lagrangian Model Study of QBO Effects on Stratospheric Transport (00043)

Punge Heinz Jürgen [P76/Friday 13.00] The Net Effect of Including the QBO in a Chemistry-Climate Model (00044)

Ramkumar Thokuluwa [P77/Thursday 17.30] Triggering of Strong El Nino Events as a Result of the Influence of Interaction between Tropical Lower Stratospheric QBO and the Tropospheric Dynamics (00057)

Read William [P78/Friday 13.00] Convection, Extratropical Mixing, and In Situ Freeze Drying in the Tropical Tropopause Layer (00149)

Ricaud Philippe [P79/Thursday 17.30] Equatorial Vertical Transport as Diagnosed from Nitrous Oxide Variability (00426)

Rosenlof Karen [P80/Friday 13.00] Trends in the Temperature and Water Vapor Content of the Tropical Lower Stratosphere: A Possible Sea-Surface Connection (00079)

Rozanov Eugene [P81/Thursday 17.30] The Response of the Ozone and Temperature to the Solar Irradiance Variability during 20th Century (00268)

Russo Maria [P82/Friday 13.00] Convective Transport of VSLS to the TTL in a High Resolution Global Model (00287)

Rydberg Bengt [P83/Thursday 17.30] Odin-SMR Retrievals of Water in the Tropical Tropopause Layer (00407)

Ryzhkov Andrew [P84/Friday 13.00] FASTOC II – Further Development of the Fast Stratospheric Ozone Chemistry Scheme (00166)

Salami Tairu [P85/Thursday 17.30] West African Weather Systems in the Development of Tropical Cyclones (00016)

Santese Monica [P86/Friday 13.00] Aerosol Modelling for Regional Climate Studies: Application to a Dust Event over a Mediterranean Domain (00401)

Schiller Cornelius [P87/Thursday 17.30] Drying and Moistening at the Tropical Tropopause (00223)

Schoeberl Mark [P88/Friday 13.00] Comparison of Tropospheric Ozone Residual Methods (00395)

Schofield Robyn [P89/Thursday 17.30] Conceptual Investigation of the Interaction of Water Vapor and Bry Transport across the Tropical Transition Layer (00302)

Shibata Kiyotaka [P90/Friday 13.00] Spatial Structure of the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation in Zonal Wind and Ozone Simulated with the MRI-CCM (00424)

Son Seok-Woo [P91/Thursday 17.30] The Impact of Stratospheric Ozone on the Southern Hemisphere General Circulation: Tropopause, Westerly Jets, and Hadley Cell (00381)

Spackman Ryan [P92/Friday 13.00] Long-Range Transport of Black Carbon in the Tropical Tropopause Layer (00295)

Stenchikov Georgiy [P93/Thursday 17.30] Stratospheric Aerosol Cooling Impacts Accumulated in Oceans (00215)

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Strahan Susan [P95/Thursday 17.30] Evaluation of Stratospheric Transport in Chemistry Climate Models (00333)

Telford Paul [P96/Friday 13.00] Reassessment of the Atmospheric Response to the Pinatubo Eruption Using a Nudged CCM (00250)

Thampi Bijoy [P97/Thursday 17.30] Particle Microphysics in the UTLS Region and Its Association with the Prevailing Dynamics (00024)

Thompson Anne [P98/Friday 13.00] Latitudinal and Longitudinal Gradients in GW/KW Signatures in the TTL Inferred from Ozonesondes (00187)

Timmreck Claudia [P99/Thursday 17.30] The Climate Impact of Very Large Volcanic Eruptions: An Earth System Model Approach (00143)

Tukiainen Simo [P100/Friday 13.00] Comparing Vertical Columns of Ozone Measured by Nadir and Limb Viewing Instruments (00255)

Uma K. N. [P101/Thursday 17.30] Characteristics of Tropical Convection in the Indian Monsoon System (00008)

Van Wyngarden Annalise [P102/Friday 13.00] Condensed Phase Organic Photochemistry in UTLS Aerosols: Implications for Direct and Indirect Aerosol Climate Forcing (00339)

Vernier Jean-Paul [P103/Thursday 17.30] Volcanic Tracers in the TTL (00231)

Vömel Holger [P104/Friday 13.00] Water Vapor, Clouds, and Supersaturation in the Tropical Tropopause Transition Layer (00430)

Volk C. Michael [P105/Thursday 17.30] Influence of Convection on the TTL over Brazil: Analysis of Airborne In Situ Trace Gas Measurements (00358)

Walker Kaley [P112/Friday 13.00] Development of a Climatological Data Set from the Atmospheric Chemistry Experiment for Validating Atmospheric Model Simulations (00453)

Waugh Darryn [P106/Friday 13.00] Quantitative Performance Metrics for Stratospheric-Resolving Chemistry-Climate Models (00064)

Weare Bryan [P107/Thursday 17.30] Links between ENSO Convection and the Tropical Stratosphere (00040)

Weinstock Elliot [P108/Friday 13.00] An Intercomparison of Water Vapor Measurements in the TTL And Lower Tropical Stratosphere during AVE-WIIF, CRAVE and TC4: The Importance and Implications of Laboratory Calibrations with Water Vapor Mixing Ratios from 0-10 ppmv (00415)

Wiratmo Joko [P109/Thursday 17.30] The Tropopause Height during the Transition Season over Tropical Maritime Continent (00012)

Yamashita Yousuke [P110/Friday 13.00] The Stratospheric and Tropospheric Variability around the North Pole Associated with the Solar Cycle and the QBO (00191)

Zobrist Bernhard [P111/Thursday 17.30] Do Atmospheric Aerosols Form Glasses? (00099)




Last update: October 10, 2008