K. Strong, O. Colebatch, S. Conway, P.F. Fogal, D. Griffin, D.B.A. Jones, Z. Mariani, J. Mendonca, M. Semelhago, I. Stanevich, C. Viatte, K.A. Walker, D. Weaver, C. Whaley, R. Lindenmaier, H. Fast, R. Mittermeier, J.R. Drummond, J. Franklin, J.G. Giroux, and J.C. Lin. Probing Atmospheric Composition over Canada using Ground-based FTIR Spectroscopy. Optical Society of America Fourier Transform Spectroscopy (OSA-FTS) Meeting, Arlington, Virginia, USA, 23-27 June 2013. In Imaging and Applied Optics (Optical Society of America, Washington, DC, 2013), FTh2C.1. Invited talk. PDF

Other publications relating to CAFTON can be found on the TAO publications page and the CANDAC publications page.