Annual Joint NDACC-IRWG & TCCON Meeting 2015

The Annual Joint NDACC-IRWG & TCCON Meeting was held in Toronto, Canada, from Monday, June 8 through Friday, June 12, 2015 hosted by the University of Toronto.  It was attended by ~70 people from a dozen countries.




Thomas Blumenstock
Email: thomas.blumenstock AT

James Hannigan
Email: jamesw AT

TCCON Chairs

Paul Wennberg (TCCON Chair)
Email: wennberg AT

Justus Notholt (European Co-Chair)
Email: jnotholt AT

David Griffith (Western Pacific Co-Chair)
Email: griffith AT

Meeting Host

Kimberly Strong, Department of Physics, University of Toronto
Email: strong AT, Telephone: (416) 946-3217, Fax: (416) 978-8905