PHY100 - The Magic of Physics - Spring 2013
Department of Physics, University of Toronto
Prof. Kimberly Strong

Lecture 10 - Thursday, 7 February 2013

Chapter 9 - Sections 9.3 - 9.7

Powerpoint Slides

Note: These slides do not include all material presented in class - additional material was presented on the blackboard and in demonstrations. Slides 23-28 have been added to provide an overview of the regions of the electromagnetic spectrum.

PDF Format - 1 slide per page

PDF Format - 6 slides per page

Supplementary Material

Today's demonstrations:
(i) Water waves and interference in the ripple tank;
(ii) Interference in overlaid transparencies;
(iii) Young's double slit experiment with a green laser.
(iv) EM fields generated by a charged balloon;
(v) the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum;
(vi) a blackbody.

Today's animations:

  • Young's two-slit experiment with laser light:

  • Double Slit interactive experiment - this takes a few minutes to load but is worth trying out - shows water, sound, and light:

  • Vary wavelength and slit separation in the two-slit experiment:

  • Interactive ripple tank animation (the way it should look!):

  • The electric field of an oscillating charge (read "About this Animation"!):

  • The electric and magnetic fields generated by an oscillating electric charge:

  • SOHO images of the Sun:

  • Interactive generation of a blackbody spectrum:

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