PHY100 - The Magic of Physics - Spring 2013
Department of Physics, University of Toronto
Prof. Kimberly Strong

Lecture 9 - Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Chapter 8 - Section 8.6

Chapter 9 - Sections 9.1, 9.2

Powerpoint Slides

Note: These slides do not include all material presented in class - additional material was presented on the blackboard and in demonstrations.

PDF Format - 1 slide per page

PDF Format - 6 slides per page

Supplementary Material

Today's demonstrations:
(i) Faraday's Law - generating a current by moving a magnet in and out of a wire loop;
(ii) Faraday's Law - lighting a lightbulb by moving a wire in a magnetic field;
(iii) Waves in a slinky (longitudinal) and a skipping rope (transverse);
(iv) A wave of flames generated by compression of propane gas due to propagation of a sound wave in a tube;
(v) Transverse waves with the Bell wave machine (the one with the moving rods);
(vi) Illuminated standing wave machine

Today's animations:
Because we did a lot of demonstrations in today's class, I did not show most of these animations. I encourage you to try them out.

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