Seasonal to Multi-decadal Predictability of Polar Climate

A pan-WCRP workshop initiated by SPARC and CliC

October 25-29, 2010

Bjerknes Centre, Bergen, Norway

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WCRP is inviting experts from all core projects and other scientists less connected to current Programme activities to join in a polar workshop to exchange information, interact, brain storm and try to distill ideas on what may be predictable in the polar regions and mid-latitudes due to teleconnections with other regions and interactions between various components of the Earth system. Despite the main focus on the polar issues, we wish to review the full scope of processes affecting polar regions and realize that some of them originate outside the polar circle.

We wish to review feedbacks / teleconnections / processes / interactions / modes of variability in the climate / earth systems and asynchronous relations between various components of these systems that have a polar manifestation and are essential for secular, decadal and seasonal scale climate prediction.

The workshop will include plenary presentations, poster sessions and extensive period of discussions to distill the way forward to better prediction of the polar regions.

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