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SPARC Themes and Activities


    1 - Climate-Chemistry Interactions T. Peter (Switzerland), A. R. Ravishankara (USA)

    • How will stratospheric ozone and other constituents evolve?
    • How will changes in stratospheric composition affect climate?
    • What are the links between changes in stratospheric ozone, UV radiation and tropospheric chemistry?

    2 - Detection, Attribution, and Prediction of Stratospheric Change W. Randel (USA), T.G. Shepherd (Canada)

    • What are the past changes and variations in the stratosphere?
    • How well can we explain past changes in terms of natural and anthropogenic effects?
    • How do we expect the stratosphere to evolve in the future, and what confidence do we have in those predictions?

    3 - Stratosphere-Troposphere Dynamical Coupling M. Baldwin (USA), S. Yoden (Japan)

    • What is the role of dynamical and radiative coupling with the stratosphere in extended-range tropospheric weather forecasting and determining long-term trends in tropospheric climate?
    • By what mechanisms do the stratosphere and troposphere act as a coupled system?

    • Climate-Chemistry Interactions: T. Peter (Switzerland), A. R. Ravishankara (USA)
    • Detection, Attribution, and Prediction of Stratospheric Change: W. Randel (USA), T.G. Shepherd (Canada)
    • Stratosphere-Troposphere Dynamical Coupling: M. Baldwin (USA), S. Yoden (Japan)
    • Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate (AC&C): M. Chipperfield (UK)
      A WCRP-IGBP cross-cutting activity led jointly by SPARC (WCRP) and IGAC (IGBP). See the AC&C webpage for more information:
    • CCM Validation Activity (CCMVal): V. Eyring (Germany), D. Waugh (USA), A. Gettelman (USA), S. Pawson (USA), T.G. Shepherd (Canada)
    • Gravitiy Waves: J. Alexander (USA)
    • Data Assimilation: S. Polavarapu (Canada)
    • Laboratory Studies joint with IGAC: A. R. Ravishankara (USA), R. A. Cox (IGAC)
    • SOLAR Influence for SPARC (SOLARIS): K. Kodera (Japan), K. Matthes (Germany)
    • SPARC Dynamical Variability Activity: E. Manzini (Italy)
    • UTLS/SPARC Tropopause Initiative: P. Haynes (UK), A. Gettelman (USA), J. A. Añel (Spain)
    • The Role of Halogen Chemistry in Polar Stratospheric Ozone Depletion: M. J. Kurylo (USA), B.-M. Sinnhuber (Germany)
    • SPARC Data Initiative: M. Hegglin (Canada), S. Tegtmeier (Germany)