Workshop on Suborbital Platforms and Nanosatellites

April 14-15-16, 2010

Canadian Space Agency
John H. Chapman Space Centre
6767 Route de l'Aéroport
Saint-Hubert, Quebec J3Y 8Y9

Presentations Made in Plenary and Breakout Sessions
Day 1 - Plenary Day 2 - Parabolic Flights Day 2 - Earth Observation Aircraft Day 2 - Nanosatellites Day 2 - Sounding Rockets Day 2 - Balloons

Day 1 - Plenary Presentations
Presentation Title Author(s) Link
Welcome and Update on CSA programs David Kendall, Alain Berenstain and Louise Beauchamp, Canadian Space Agency PDF in English
PDF en Francais
Aircraft Status Andrew Higgins, McGill University and David Hudak, Environment Canada PDF in English
Balloons Status - Atmospheric Tom McElroy, Environment Canada PDF in English
PDF en Francais
Nanosatellites Status Alfred Ng, Canadian Space Agency PDF in English
PDF en Francais
Sounding Rockets Status Gordon James, Communications Research Centre PDF in English
PDF en Francais

Day 2 - Parabolic Flights (Aircraft) Breakout Session Presentations
Presentation Title Author(s) Link
Capabilities and operational conditions of the NRC Falcon-20 parabolic aircraft Carl Swail and Tim Leslie, NRC PDF
Parabolic flights with A300 ZERO-G: aircraft capabilities and opportunities Frederic Gai, NOVESPACE PDF
Rapid Solidification of Al-Cu, Al-Fe and Al-Ni particles under diffusion-limited conditions Hani Henein, University of Alberta PDF
Electromagnetic forces in particle dust clouds Claude Rioux and Rodolfo Slobodrian, Laval University PDF
Gravitational effect in phase separation process Mohammad Movassat and Nasser Ashgriz, University of Toronto PDF

Day 2 - Earth Observation Aircraft Breakout Session Presentations
Presentation Title Author(s) Link
NRC Airborne Research: Facilities and Research Focus Mengistu Wolde, National Research Council PDF
The Convair 580 SAR Facility - Recent Activities and Future Opportunities Carl Brown, Environment Canada PDF
Research aircraft applications: Processes, retrieval algorithms and verification Stewart Cober, Environment Canada PDF
Airborne measurements for the validation of satellite sea ice products Christian Haas, University of Alberta PDF
The combined role of aircraft and space-based platforms in assessing aerosol indirect radiative forcing Richard Leaitch, Environment Canada PDF
Aircraft Atmospheric Research and Planetary Exploration Jim Whiteway, York University PDF
EC Aircraft Measurements of Atmospheric Composition and Chemistry Tom McElroy, Environment Canada PDF
Airrcraft Observations of the Lower Atmosphere and Surface Exchange Processes Jennifer Murphy, University of Toronto PDF
Utility of aircraft and satelite measurements: Examples from STAR and UNSTABLE John Hanesiak, University of Manitoba PDF
How can aircraft measurements tell us about the source/sink distribution of greenhouse gases? John Lin, University of Waterloo PDF

Day 2 - Nanosatellites Breakout Session Presentations
Presentation Title Author(s) Link
Overview of SFL missions and the new Microsatellite Science and Technology Center (MSTC) Robert Zee, University of Toronto PDF
The YuSEND (York University Space Engineering Nanosatellite Demonstration) Program Hugh Chesser, York University PDF
Tethered nanosatellites George Zhu, York University PDF
Technology Demonstration Missions for Orbit and Attitude Control of Nanosatellites Krishna Kumar, Ryerson University and Arun Misra, McGill University PDF
A 40s (40 kg, 40 Watts, 40 km, 40 days) Small Balloon/Satellite Platform for Space Science Research in Space and from Space Yunlong Lin, York Unviersity PDF
PROBA nanosatellites - design capabilities for autonomous guidance, navigation and control Jean de Lafontaine, NGA Aerospace PDF
Navigation and atmospheric profiling based on GNSS technologies for nanosatellite missions Susan Skone, University of Calgary PDF
MOST (Microvariability and Oscillations of STars) - Canada's first astronomy space teelscope Slavek Rucinski, University of Toronto PDF
BRITE (Bright Telescope Explorer)-Constellation, the world's first nanosat space telescope Tony Moffat, University of Montreal PDF
Pre-launch testing of the BRITE nanosat telescope Stefan Mochnacki, University of Toronto PDF
NASA/Ames: Observing planet transits with BRITE Jason Rowe, NASA/Ames Research Center PDF
BRITE and chaotic pulsation in Cepheids David Turner, St. Mary's University PDF

Day 2 - Sounding Rockets Breakout Session Presentations
Presentation Title Author(s) Link
Exploring Geospace Using NASA Sounding Rockets Robert Pfaff, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center PDF
Japanese Sounding Rocket Activities Abe Takumi, JAXA PDF
International collaboration in sounding rocket experiments: the benefits, potentials and limitations Andrew Yau, University of Calgary PDF
Non-Equilibrium Solidification of Al Alloys in a Microgravity Environment Hani Henein, University of Alberta PDF
Active two-point plasma wave experiments on OEDIPUS Gordon James, Communication Research Centre PDF
Ionospheric Thermal Electron Current Jonathan Burchill, University of Calgary PDF
Magellan's suborbital rocket capabilities Diane Koltelko, Magellan Aerospace PDF
Swedish Space Corporation Olle Persson, Swedish Space Corporation PDF

Day 2 - Balloons Breakout Session Presentations
Presentation Title Author(s) Link
The EBEX balloon-borne experiment for measuring the polarization of the microwave background radiation Francois Aubin, McGill University PDF
Spider: a sub-millimeter polarimeter for inflation, dust and the epoch of reionization Natalie Gandilo, University of Toronto PDF
BLASTpol: a submillimeter polarimeter for determination of impact of magnetic fields in star formation Laura Fissel, University of Toronto PDF
PIPER and ICarIS Don Wiebe, University of British Columbia PDF
Cosmic ray studies from balloons Patrick Boyle, McGill University PDF
Balloon-borne optical telescopes Barth Netterfield, University of Toronto PDF
Verification of the big bang Mark Halpern, University of British Columbia PDF
Requirements for balloon-borne infrared spectrometers: Small, Medium and Large Pierre Fogal, Environment Canada PDF
A role for small-balloon capability in the Canadian space science program Gordon Shepherd, York University PDF
Targeted Measurements and Instrument Miniaturization Brian Solheim, York University PDF
Limb Imaging of Aerosols (LIMA) - Observation of aerosols from a high-altitude balloon platform Marianna Shepherd, York University PDF
A proposal for a balloon campaign for the Minature Earth Observing Satellite (MEOS) James Sloan, University of Waterloo PDF
Synergy between ballooning and satellite missions - validation and instrument development Kaley Walker, University of Toronto PDF
Dynamics/Control of Lighter-than-Air Systems Meyer Nahon, McGill University PDF
Balloon based diagnostics of space based instrumentation Tom McElroy, Environment Canada PDF
Ballooning capabiliites that exist within Scientific Instrumentation Ltd. of Saskatoon Dale Sommerfelt, S.I.L. PDF
Launch Capabilities of Colmbia Scientific Balloon Facility (CSBF) Mark Halpern for NASA Balloon Program Office PDF
A Canadian-Based Turnkey Mission Service For Stratospheric Payloads Arny Sokoloff, Continuum Aerospace PDF
ASI Stratospheric balloon program Enrico Flamini, Agenzia Spaziale Italiana PDF
Status of French balloon programme and possible cooperation with Canada Claude Camy-Peyret, Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales PDF
ESRANGE Launch Facilities and Student Program Olle Persson, Swedish Space Corporation PDF

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