Seminar Schedule for 2009/2010






5 Oct. 2009

Frédéric Laliberté


Paul Kushner

Identifying eddies in the moist Isentropic Circulation

Thu 22 Oct. 2009, 10am

Carl Wunsch


Paul Kushner

Ocean variability from days to decades. The challenges

26 Oct. 2009

Matthias Schneider

University of Karlsruhe

Felicia Kolonjari

The ground-based FTIR network's potential for investigating water transport patterns

2 Nov. 2009

Dargan Frierson

University of Washington

Karen Smith

Latent Heating and the General Circulation in a Hierarchy of GCMs

30 Nov. 2009

Alan Plumb


Michaela Hegglin

Annular modes and the dynamical response of the extratropical atmosphere to climate perturbations

Mon 14 Dec. 2009, 11 am

Gérard Thuillier


Marie-Ève Gagné

The PICARD Mission: an investigation based on measurements dedicated to solar and climate modeling

1 Mar. 2010

Li-Hong Xu

University of New Brunswick

Marie-Ève Gagné

From Molecular Spectroscopy to Laser Based Trace Gas Detection

12 Apr, 2010

Stella Melo

Canadian Space Agency

Marie-Ève Gagné

Do we understand what drive the changes we see in the Sun and what the consequences are for the climate on Earth?

26 Apr, 2010

Dylan Jones

University of Toronto

Ray Nassar

Space-based constraints on the impact of tropospheric ozone on climate and air quality

Tue 25 May, 2010; 4pm

Takahiro Iwayama

Kobe University

Sarah Burgess

Green's function for a generalized two-dimensional fluid

Wed 26 May, 2010; 11am

Xuebin Zhang

Environment Canada

Paul Kushner

Arctic Climate Change and its Causes

Tue 8 June, 2010; time TBD

V. Balaji

Princeton & NOAA/GFDL

Paul Kushner, Dick Peltier

Climate Computing: Computational, Data, and Scientific Scalability

Thu 8 July, 2010; 3pm MP713

Walter Robinson

North Carolina State University

Paul Kushner

It's All Connected: Model Biases, Gravity Waves, and the Dynamics of General Circulation