Seminar Schedule for 2007/2008






12 Sept. 2007

Wouter Peters


Dylan Jones

Tracking carbon exchange across North America from a multitude of observations: CarbonTracker.

17 Sept. 2007

Timothy Garrett

University of Utah

Tiffany Shaw

Might anthropogenic aerosol be stimulating Arctic sea ice melting through their effects on clouds?

20 Sept. 2007

Djoko Wirosoetisno

University of Durham

Ted Shepherd

Long-term and exponential asymptotics for the primitive equations.

3 Oct. 2007

Alan Plumb


Sorin Codoban

Tracer interrelationships in the stratosphere.

9 Oct. 2007

Samuel Shen

San Diego State University

Robert Field

A Theory for Estimating Uncertainties in the Assessment of Global, Hemispherical and Regional Surface Air Temperature Changes Since 1861.

15 Oct. 2007

Matt Hitchman

University of Wisconsin - Madison

Michaela Hegglin

A Seasonal and Quasibiennial Climatology of Rossby Wave Breaking in the 320-2000 K layer.

22 Oct. 2007

Xuebin Zhang

Environment Canada

Dmitry Vyushin

Statistical tests in climate research.

24 Oct. 2007

Marek Stastna

University of Waterloo

Paul Kushner

Topographic generation of nonlinear internal waves in the coastal ocean.

29 Oct. 2007

Robyn Schofield

Alfred Wegener Institute, Potsdam

Annemarie Fraser

BrO and why we care about 0 or 8 ppt?

31 Oct. 2007

Allan Frei


Paul Kushner

Sea Ice, Land Surface, and the Arctic System: moving towards a holistic understanding.

5 Nov. 2007

Edwin Gerber

Columbia University

Paul Kushner

Stratosphere-Troposphere Coupling: The Importance of Stationary Planetary Waves.

19 Nov. 2007

Amir Hakami

Carleton University

Dylan Jones

Target-based analysis of air quality metrics.

26 Nov. 2007

Alexey Kaplan

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

Paul Kushner

Persistence of marine tropical climate and its implications for objective analyses of surface winds.

7 Dec. 2007

Ken Denman

Candian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis

Norm McFarlane

The changing global carbon cycle: first results from the CCCMA coupled carbon climate model 'CanESM'.

14 Jan. 2008

Chris Derksen

Environment Canada

Paul Kushner

Assessing variability and change in high latitude snow cover from satellite observations.

21 Jan. 2008

David Lary


Matt Toohey

Variations in Stratospheric Inorganic Chlorine Between 1991 and 2006.

29 Jan. 2008

Robert Pickart


Kent Moore

Aleutian low-pressure systems and their influence on two ocean basins.

31 Jan. 2008

Hilke Oetjen and Anoop Mahajan

University of Leeds

Mareile Wolff

"DOAS measurements of reactive halogen species in polar, mid-latitudinal and tropical boundary layers.

4 Feb. 2008

Guido Boffetta

University of Torino

Jahanshah Davoudi

Conformal invariance in two-dimensional turbulence

6 Feb. 2008

Lynn Harvey

University of Colorado

Tobias Kerzenmacher

The mesospheric polar vortices in SABER, MLS, GEOS-5, and WACCM.

11 Feb. 2008

Tatyana Chshyolkova

University of Saskatchewan

Ted Shepherd

The Middle Atmospheric dynamics and distribution of chemical constituents during NH winter of 2005/06.

21 Feb. 2008

Frank Wania

U of T Scarborough

Mark Parrington

Contaminants in High Places Pesticide Transport into Temperate and Tropical Mountains.

25 Feb. 2008

Ian Renfrew

University of East Anglia

Kent Moore

Highlights from the Greenland Flow Distrotion experiment: tips jets and air-sea interaction.

3 Mar. 2008

David Tarasick

Environment Canada

Mark Parrington

Ozone in the Troposphere: Measurements, climatology, budget, trends.

17 Mar. 2008

Matthew Lazzara

University of Wisconsin

Mark Parrington

Going Bi-Polar: Observing Antarctic and Arctic Weather.

24 Mar. 2008

Timothy Dunkerton


Stephen Griffiths

Tropical cyclogenesis in tropical waves: the marsupial paradigm.

31 Mar. 2008

Caspar Ammann


Dmitry Vyushin

The role of the sun in climate change: past, present and future.

6 May 2008

Michel Van Roozendael

Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy

Cristen Adams

Budget and trend of atmospheric BrO derived from UV-Visible remote sensing observations