James R. Drummond

Professor Emeritus,

Department of Physics, University of Toronto
60 St. George Street, Toronto
Ontario, CANADA, M5S 1A7

Tel: (416) 978-4723. Fax: (416) 978-8905
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Atmospheric Physics (Experimental)

Satellite Measurement Techniques; Remote Sounding;

Atmospheric Radiation Studies; Global Change;

Spectral Lineshapes; Atmospheric Spectroscopy.

Research Papers

Brief cv

B.A., Oxford (1972); M.A., Oxford (1978); Ph.D., Oxford (1977).
Junior Research Fellow, Linacre College, Oxford (1977-1979);
Assistant Professor,(1979);

Associate Professor,(1984);
Visitor, National Center for Atmospheric Research, (1987);

Professor, (1992);
Industrial Research Chair in "Atmospheric Remote Sounding from Space", (1996-2006);

Associate Chair, Graduate Studies (2002-2005);

Canada Research Chair in Remote Sounding of Atmospheres, Dalhousie University, (2006-);

Research Interests

Atmospheric Composition: remote measurements using balloons and satellites

Atmospheric Radiative Transfer: particularly as applied to remote sensing and atmospheric constituents

Specific Projects

Measurements of Pollution In The Troposphere MOPITT - An extremely significant part of my research effort over many years has been devoted to the Measurements Of Pollution In The Troposphere (MOPITT) instrument to measure carbon monoxide and methane in the troposphere. I am the Principal Investigator for this project and I lead an international team of co-investigators. The instrument is part of NASA's Earth Observing System (EOS). The MOPITT project is directly funded by the Canadian Space Agency and I sub-contract to industry for much of the engineering. MOPITT was launched on 18th December 1999 and to date (late 2003) has performed well in orbit.  Here are some results.  This map is a map of carbon monoxide which is produced by burning things "badly".  This map shows the outflow from the biomass burning equatorial regions.  Notice the long "Streamer" of carbon monoxide coming off of the East Coast of Africa and finally dissipating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!

Measurements of Ozone and Precursors from Space using SCISAT-1

Mars Atmospheric Research

MANTRA Balloons

Sub-Doppler Infrared Spectroscopic Studies of Line Shape and Broadening Mechanisms



List of Papers

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