Welcome to atmospheric physics

The atmospheric physics group performs research in a number of areas experimental and theoretical atmospheric science. Our overall aim is to try to understand the very complicated processes that occur in the atmosphere. To that end we have a number of theoretical, computational and experimental projects in progress.

The group consists of a mix of Faculty, Research Associates, Post-Doctoral Associates, Graduate Students and Technical staff. At a recent count that came to over 60 people.

Our projects span a large range of areas. On the theoretical side we have (for example) studies in fundamental fluid mechanics and climate simulations for past, current and future scenarios. On the experimental side (again for example) we have projects in laboratory spectroscopy, space instrument design and field experiments in the Arctic North.

We invite you to look at our web-site and if anything here interests you, please contact us for further details.

Contact address:
Atmospheric Physics Group,
Department of Physics,
University of Toronto,
60 St. George Street
Toronto, ON, Canada,
M5S 1A7
Tel: (416)-978-2933
Fax: (416)-978 8905
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