Welcome to a satellite imagery and photo gallery for the Labrador Sea Project. Here in the atmospheric physics group at the University of Toronto, Prof Kent Moore's group have been the leading participants in the meteorological component of the Labrador Sea Ocean Convection Experiment. This experiment is aimed at observing deep ocean convection: an important component in the earth's climate system. We have been providing meteorological support (daily weather summaries via email) to the RV Knorr during it's 40 day cruise in the Labrador Sea during February and March 1997. We also process AVHRR satellite imagery covering the Labrador Sea region.

The project had 30 hours of flying time to investigate atmospheric systems of interest in the Labrador Sea. We spent two weeks in St John's Newfoundland in January - February 1997, working with the C-130's of the US military Hurricane Hunters. This was a fantastic experience as a small group of us were in charge of the whole process from forecasting to flight planning to flying on the planes and then analysing the data! Here are some images, photos and tales from several different flights we were involved in.

Participants in the Labrador Sea meteorological component.
In St John's and Toronto:

In Toronto: