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Lawrence R. Mudryk

Department of Physics
60 St. George Street
University of Toronto
Toronto, ON
M5S 1A7
416.978.7796 [tel]
416.978.8905 [fax]
mudryk 'at' atmosp.

I'm currently a Research Associate working for Paul Kushner in the University of Toronto's Earth, Atmosphere and Planetary Physics Group and Chris Derksen at Environment Canada. I use data from a combination of numerical global climate models and observations to examine variability in our present day climate and in model predictions of climate change. I am currently involved in Arctic related climate research, examining climate model predictions of snow trends as part of the Canadian Sea Ice and Snow Evolution (CanSISE) Network.

I did my doctoral thesis on planet-disk interactions in forming planetary systems, under the supervision of Norm Murray. The general framework of such studies helps to explain not only the way our own solar system works, but also the properties of the many new solar systems that are found almost weekly. You can find more information on this work and previous research of mine on my research page.

These seemingly disparate areas are both applications of fluid dynamics. While fluid dynamics may sound a little esoteric and theoretical, it's actually a very rich arena in which to work with applications in weather (prediction, climate modeling, hurricane/tsunami warning), chemical engineering (refinement, mixing processes, fluid transportation---such as oil flow in pipe lines), the aeronautics industry, oceanography, and astronomy.