Michaela Imelda Hegglin


Selected list of conference talks


Aug 2010      (Invited) The extra-tropical UTLS from space-based instruments, AGU meeting

                    of the Americas, Foz do Iguacu, Brazil.


Jun 2010      (Invited) Climate-change induced changes in UV radiation and stratospheric

                    ozone fluxes into the troposphere, CMOS, Ottawa, Canada.


Jun 2010      Simulating the Past, Present and Future of the Upper Troposphere and Lower

                    Stratosphere (UTLS), CMOS, Ottawa, Canada.


Oct 2009       PREMIER, SPARC SSG meeting, Kyoto, Japan.


Oct 2009       (Invited) CCMVal overview: The extra-tropical UTLS in chemistry-climate

                    models (co-authored by Andrew Gettelman), Extratropical UTLS Workshop,

                    NCAR, Boulder, CO, USA.


Jul 2009        A global view on the extratropical tropopause transition layer from the ACE-FTS,

                    IAMAS/MOCA, Montreal, QB, Canada.


Jun 2009      Trends in stratospheric ozone fluxes into the troposphere in a changing climate,

                    Middle Atmosphere Meeting, AMS, Stowe, VT, USA.


Sep 2008      (Invited) Toward a global view of extratropical UTLS tracer distributions, SPARC                     General Assembly, Bologna, Italy.


Jul 2008        Validation of ACE-FTS ozone in the upper troposphere/lower stratosphere

                    using non-coincident measurements, Quadrennial Ozone Symposium, Tromsø,



Sep 2007      The benefits of in-line advection – Assessing the transport characteristics of the

                    CMAM-DAS, SPARC Data Assimilation Working Group Workshop, Toronto,

                    ON, Canada.


Aug 2007      The Extratropical Tropopause Transition Layer (ExTL) as seen from ACE,

                    Middle Atmosphere Meeting, AMS, Portland, OR, United States.


Jul 2007        Validating ACE-FTS in the upper troposphere/lower stratosphere (UTLS),

                    IUGG, Perugia, Italy.


May 2006      O3-N2O correlations from satellite measurements as validation diagnostic for

                    Chemistry-Climate Models, CMOS Congress, Toronto, ON, Canada.


May 2006      (Invited) La region de la TS/SI de la perspective de mesures en avion, ACFAS

                    colloque sur la moyenne atmosphere, Montreal, QC, Canada.


Apr 2002       Deep convective injection into the LMS at mid-latitudes, EGU, Nice, France.


Selected list of seminars


Jul 2009        Characterization of the tropopause region using in-situ and remote measurements,

                      University of Mainz, Mainz, Germany.


Nov 2008      Toward a global perspective on extratropical upper troposphere/lower                                    stratosphere tracer distributions, Department of Physics, New Mexico Tech, NM,



Jan 2008      Validation of satellite data in the upper troposphere/lower stratosphere using

                      non-coincident measurements, Research Institute, Karlsruhe, Germany.


Nov 2006      The extratropical UTLS: New perspectives from aircraft and satellite                                       measurements, NCAR, Boulder, CO, USA.