2010 Noble Lectures - "New Worlds, New Climates"

April 19 to 23 2010

The 2010 Noble Lectures will be given by Prof. Raymond T. Pierrehumbert, Louis Block Professor in Geophysical Sciences at the University of Chicago.

The lectures will be given the week of April 19th, with a special Physics Colloquium on Monday, April 19th. They will focus on the climate of physical atmospheres.

More information about Prof. Pierrehumbert and his research interests is available on his website.

Lecture Schedule

All lectures will take place in the Koffler Institute for Pharmacy Management, room KP 108. Refreshments will be served half an hour prior to the start of each lecture in the lobby of the Koffler Institute, just outside the lecture room. All five lectures will be one hour.

Climate and Climate Evolution of Super Earths

A reception will be held following the colloquium in the McLennan Physics Building, room MP 110.

Lecture Slides
NB: Unfortunately the movie files previously linked to here were corrupted. Replacements are not likely to be available, but they will be posted here again if they can be obtained.

4pm Monday April 19th
(Special Physics Colloquium)

Snowball Earth and Snowball Earths, Part I

11am Tuesday April 20th

Snowball Earth and Snowball Earths, Part II

Lecture Slides (Part I and II)

11am Wednesday April 21th

Climate Ethics, Climate Justice

Lecture Slides; Nine Billion Ton Hamster

11am Thursday April 22th

At the Outer Limit of the Habitable Zone

Lecture Slides

11am Friday April 23th

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The Noble Lectures are made possible by the generous support of the Reginald and Muriel Noble Fund.