Guido Vettoretti

Senior Research Associate
Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Physics Group
Department of Physics, University of Toronto
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    Email: g.vettoretti ( a t )
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  • Office:
    McLennan Physics MP610
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    Department of Physics, University of Toronto
    60 St. George St., Toronto, ON, Canada, M5S 1A7


My research in climate science focuses on the numerical modelling of past climates. Climate system modelling requires an understanding of a large number of physical phenomena related to the Earth System. My interests including future climate change, paleoceanography, physical oceanography, atmospheric dynamics, cryospheric dynamics, climate dynamics, and data science/big data. The numerical modelling of past climate states is considered an important aspect in assessing the role of natural variability and anthropogenic impacts on the climate system (e.g see the IPCC-AR5 chapter 5). Understanding the complex interactions that occur in the Earth's climate requires a detailed understanding of the non-linear behaviour of the climate system under a wide range of external and internal forcing. My research has investigated a number of periods during the last ice age cycle and are highlighted below.

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