Northern Hemisphere LGM Ice and SST Southern Hemisphere LGM Ice and SST

Climate System History and Dynamics (CSHD) is a multidisciplinary collaborative effort to integrate and develop national expertise in paleoclimate modelling and reconstruction. The project brings together data and modeling communities with broad international recognition. Insights and constraints from the observational record guide model reconstructions with general circulation models complemented by a suite of reduced models of ice sheet physics, thermohaline circulation, atmospheric energy balance and carbon cycling.

This research network is generously supported by the Atmospheric Environment Service and National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. It is currently sponsored for the five-year term 1999-2004 and is a component of Canadian participation in the IGBP Core Projects PAGES and GAIM.

Overview of CSHD Phase 1
CJES Special Issue article
CSHD Components

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