WCRP/IASC Polar Climate Predictability Workshop

2-4 April 2012

Toronto, Canada

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This workshop is a follow-on meeting to the Bergen workshop in October 2010 (click here). The purpose of this meeting is to develop a draft implementation plan for an initiative, to be considered by the WCRP Joint Scientific Committee (JSC) at its next meeting, in July 2012, as well as at the IASC Atmosphere WG meeting in April 2012.

The JSC endorsed the proposed approach, which is expected to lead to a limited-lifetime initiative (e.g. 5 years), led by a dedicated Scientific Steering Group, which would generate a number of specific, targeted activities ranging from focused workshops to coordinated efforts of up to 2-3 years duration. It is imagined that the initiative would serve as an incubator to generate community research efforts that could be adopted, in the longer term, by more permanent components of the WCRP (e.g. CliC) or of partner organizations such as IASC and SCAR.

Key working principles are that:

  • The initiative must complement/engage/empower existing activities, within WCRP and elsewhere, not duplicate them
  • It should focus on defining specific activities where international coordination can make a difference, and be able to identify the added value with respect to existing activities
The plan for the meeting is to have a few presentations, but to devote most of the time to open discussion, and to break-out groups for writing particular sections of the plan. The main effort will need to be on the expected implementation mechanisms to address those goals.


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